“There’s nothing that gets the pulse racing like the deep, throaty roar of a motor racing. That’s why we decided to set up this amazing magazine that focuses on autos. Actually, the name of our website is a little confusing because it’s unclear whether we’re going to rate different trailers or if we’re going to tell you the best places where you can get a good rate on a trailer. But none of that really matters at the moment because there’s just nothing on our website at all. In fact, looking at it is a little depressing, so we’re going to sit back and think about something happier, like a big, powerful motorcycle or an old classic muscle car. Trailers, no matter how you slice them, just aren’t as fun as motorcycles and motor cars, are they?

Still, it doesn’t matter. We looked at all the other domains out there, and this is the best one we could find. We’ve got bills to pay, as I am sure you do too, so we’re going to focus on trailers and just let those other idle dreams of racing motorcycles or piloting a Ferrari at 300 miles an hour cook on the back burner for a while. No, we’re going to focus on trailers, those uniquely ugly things that people attach to the back of their other, cooler vehicles in order to pull something or haul something around. Trailers may not be sexy, but people need them, and that’s how we’re going to make our money, with top-quality journalism about trailers and super high resolution photographs of trailers.

Just thinking about that makes us tired, so we’re going to take a brief spell and continue to think about motorcycles for a bit. We’re really curious what will happen when robot cars take over everything. Will people still be able to ride motorcycles? Maybe only on private property. After all, there’s no sense in a robot driving a motorcycle for you. In fact, if you really think about it, a robot car hauling people around isn’t that much different than a trailer. Only instead of you at the wheel, listening to your favorite classic rock tunes as you feel the wind of the open air, you yourself have become the cargo to be hauled around. Instead of pulling a trailer, you have become the trailer!

Yikes, that’s even more depressing than our original thought, so let’s just go back to our first proposition. Let’s get all serious and business-like and talk about trailers, and discuss how ones with two wheels are different than ones with four wheels, and how much each trailer can haul, and those kinds of serious, adult kinds of things. That’ll make our investors much happier than all this fantasy talk. Of course, right now our investors consist of my mom and my friend Steve, who was drunk the other night at the bar and left a five dollar bill for a tip, which we pocketed, not out of theft but because we swore to ourselves that we’d put it to good use on the website. Which will happen, we swear.”